Friday, March 27, 2009

on Springtime...

the weather is starting to warm up here in the Southland. it hasn't reached "opressively hot" status yet (although, i'm sure by mid-April it will), but Spring is definitely in the frikkin' air...

i blame the crisp, fresh sunshine, the gentle breeze, and the birds for what i've decided is my "seasonal ADD"...i have been completely UNABLE to focus on ANYTHING for the past week.

i feel like a forest creature from "Bambi"...Springtime has me twitterpated.

a bundle of distracted energy, all i want to do is drink margaritas and run around in my underpants. and slap some boys around a little.

dammit, Springtime, why are you my favorite season? if you get me fired (i.e. i get myself fired for being unable to focus on actual work because i am daydreaming about espadrilles, sun dresses, and shirtless men) i am going to be so mad at you.

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