Thursday, October 9, 2008

pulling me up from the ground...

what i opened my email account to find from my BFF:

are you still there?
i'm guessing you went home early.
i'm glad.
i hope you go to yoga
and then go home and lie on the floor
if i was there, i would go to yoga with you
and then go home and watch "waiting for guffman" with you
and i would rub your feet
and we would paint each other's nails
and then i would stay at your house
and eventually it would start to smell like me (stinky)
and not so much like him
i will wait with you, best friend.
i will always wait with you.
i will never leave you.
i love you.

even in the deepest darkness that is consuming me right now, her light shines so freaking bright.
i love you, too best friend.

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